Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Ray and I are heading up to Ojai to spend the night tonight.  This is our Valentine’s gift to each other, to go to the peace of the orange grove until tomorrow afternoon. At that point, we will give each other the second part of our Valentine’s gift, an overnight visit with our two beloved grandchildren, Nico and Luna. We will be picking them up on our way home and bringing them to our house.  These overnights are a highlight of our week.  Nothing compares to the sweetness of a our little one-year-old and almost four-year-old.

Life feels stressful at present with all the national turmoil.  I look forward to seeing the moon tonight as it lights up the grove and listening to the night sounds.

Happy peaceful evening to you all.

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow evening if I have the energy!

Two of My Favorite Valentines (Three counting Sarah behind Nico)



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  1. Happy Valentines, Len.
    The grand kids are growing so fast. Love the red boots.

    1. Thanks, Tess. Yes, these kids practically grow while I am watching!

  2. I love the red boots too. Also the way the wearer appears to be dancing with happiness. Enjoy the peace — and the grandchildren.

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