Organization Day

Today I carved out a little office for myself.  I have had one in the past, but over the last several months, I’ve spent 100% of my work time sitting in a big wingback chair in my den.  That’s so I could see students, who could settle on the couch across from me during our sessions.  This is still the location of my student work, but I am hopeful to return to my own writing beginning this week so I need a spot where I can settle in.  I have music, a good lamp, clean surfaces and my favorite books nearby. That’s about all I need, oh, and a comfortable chair.  Yes, that’s fairly critical too.  The music, good light and a spot that is just MINE are the primary criteria, however.  Alas, I am now sitting listening to the radio – KCRW – and feeling good about whittling out my space.  Ray was very helpful.  He came right in and moved things that were in my way, found a good radio/CD player and even suggested the lamp.  He’s good about that sort of thing and I appreciate his positive attitude very much.  Now I am sitting in my little spot, writing. That was the point, after all.

While getting organized, I sorted through at least the first of my books and actually felt all right about parting with a few.  I am not usually inclined to let favorite books leave my surrounds, but these fell in the “I could find this in the library if I really wanted to see it again,” category.  That is not the case with all my John Rechy books since he was my writing mentor or a whole slew of classics that just bring me comfort to have near me.  Yes, books feel like old friends whose proximity helps me to breathe better.  I have a Kindle and I do read from it, but having books with real pages in them nearby unkinks my neck muscles and helps my to feel connected to a bigger world out there, even if I’m holed up in a small office.

Tomorrow, I meet with my writing friend to outline my writing goals for 2017.  After that, Ray and I will head over to Train Town for a rendezvous with daughter Sarah and two favorite little people, who will be returning home with us for an overnight stay.  While I enjoyed my time in Salt Lake City, I would not be completely truthful if I didn’t admit that I started feeling a bit homesick for my little ones while there.  Nothing like Grandma time with a 3 1/2 and a 1 year old. Ray and I are already excited.

On that note, I am headed to bed.  The only questionable decor choice in my new writing space is a mirror to my left right at eye-level. I have scared myself twice glancing over and seeing an extremely tired looking woman staring back. A combination of jet lag and book lugging.

I’ll check by in again tomorrow.

Here’s a view of my bookshelf filled with my old friends…



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