To Lee

  • My first cousin Lee Leatherwood has his birthday today. He is five days older than I am and we lived no further than five blocks apart from the day we were born until we graduated from high school and then only a quarter of mile away from each other during our freshman year at UT. After that I transferred to the University of Utah to live near my sister Leslie and we only saw each other intermittently until we joined an Internet group for people sharing stories about our hometown in the late 1990’s. (Ar least I think that was when it was.) Since then, we have been in near daily contact via the Internet and have also made special trips to see each other.
  • Lee and I share a similar take on the world, both socially and politically, and we also have a deep love and respect for family.  We also share a similar sense of humor and a deep love for literature and writing. Needless to say, Lee and Len Leatherwood are bonded.
  • We look like Mutt and Jeff, Lee being tall and blond and me being short and brunette. He is light and I am dark and he is a drinker and I am tea-totaler. He loves sports and I barely know which team is which. But regardless of our differences, we share enough history and connection to overcome where we don’t overlap. Most importantly, we both share a deep and abiding love for my little brother, Sam.
  • It is a treat to have someone so close to join my walk through life. Someone with whom I share so much history.
  • Thank you, Lee, for your presence and love. I am lucky to have you! (I happen to love Elaine as well, which is an extra bonus.) Happy birthday, my friend.

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  1. S.w.e.e.t. Love close family stories. Good for you both.

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