Repost: A Memory of Nico’s Birth – One Year Ago Tomorrow

January 13, 2016

Ray and I had a good cry after they wheeled Sarah into the operating room for an emergency c-section after 12 hours of labor. Her blood pressure had sunk to 30/60 and baby Nico’s heart rate had dropped to 80 from 155. Suddenly, the medical team went from one nurse to a whole roomful of people, and the atmosphere went from matter-of-fact to energy-charged.

The good news is that twenty minutes later, we received a text from Gregorio with a picture of Nico. He also let us know that Sarah was fine. I must admit that twenty minutes was very tough.

I am so grateful that all went well for our daughter and our grandson. I know that is not always the case for others who are faced with a sudden shift in circumstances in a delivery room and I can not even begin to imagine the pain that comes from a highly anticipated happy event shifting to one that is tragic. Let is suffice to say that my heart goes out to any person who has faced this situation and I know there are several of you reading this who have been in that situation. I send you love and warm healing light for that kind of loss.

The Pacheco Beaty family are relaxed, bonding and healing. Sarah will get to take the baby home in a few days after she is a little more healed from the C-section. Until then, they are all cozy and happy in their hospital room that is big enough to accommodate the whole family.

Thank you, my friends, for your kind thoughts on the arrival of the first boy in our immediate family. The support of your messages on Facebook felt as if I was cradled in a soft, warm blanket.

Much appreciated.

I’ll check back in tomorrow.

Baby Nicholas (Nico)


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