Back in LA

Good-bye, orange grove; hello, LA.

Back in the heart of the city.

Cars are whizzing by outside.

Cordie and Frankie are barking at the occasional dog that is being walked out front.

William, our cat, is snuggled in the laundry basket in the laundry room.

I can see the goings-on of the occupants of the condo complex across the street.  (Think Rear Window without Raymond Burr (and the murder) and make it Front Window instead).

I have had three students.  Two were twins and we read the Great Gatsby out loud. This is called FUN in my book. Love F. Scott.

Heard from a student who has been asked for more information from Johns Hopkins. Yahoo!

Time for Game of Thrones, Season 3.  Yes, we’re behind.  Do NOT tell me anything.

Grandkids are scheduled for a visit tomorrow.  Yes!

Good night, folks.  I have sword fighting to watch.

Will check back in tomorrow.





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  1. Back in the swing of things already. Happy New Year, Len. 😛

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