Thoughts While Here in Ojai

Nico is our little bed mate tonight. He is snoring currently. His dad will no doubt pick him up at whatever time of night he becomes unhappy. He and Sarah and Luna are sleeping on the other end of the orange grove.

It is going to rain tomorrow here. We will need to spend time indoors playing games and chatting. What a lovely way to spend a day.

I am slowly unwinding from all that work I have done over the past several months. My Barnard student told me today that she received an A on the Chaucer paper she and I worked so hard on. I am very pleased to hear that news. Hooray. I can feel my shoulders relaxing. My final student with a January 1 deadline emailed me today with a strong essay that only required minor editing. Now that is a good feeling!

I am in no hurry to return to LA. That’s fine. No students until Tuesday anyway. We are returning Monday evening. A few more days walking among the orange trees will do me good.

I feel a need to set some writing goals for 2017. I will share those once I decide what they are going to be.

Best wishes to all. I now bid you good night.


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