Ojai, Debbie and Carrie

Hi all,

Well, we are slowly on the mend over here though I have to admit I have a residual nausea that won’t quite go away. Daughter Rachael had this malady last week and she complained of the same. I am hoping by tomorrow, I will be free and clear. Ray is feeling better, as well.  

The news of Debbie Reynolds’ death following one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher’s is quite poignant. I have fond memories of Debbie Reynolds in her multitude of movies back when I was a kid – she was undeniably talented – and I can only imagine the pain the loss of her daughter must have caused her. No parent wants to lose his/her child; and it is even harder I suspect when there is no warning. So, as one human being to another, I feel compassion for this woman and her family. 

Everyday I pray for those who experience sorry, suffering, displacement, victimization or hunger. I visualize all of the people from Aleppo leaving with only a few of their possessions on their backs, heading  off into the unknown while their city lies in ruins. Those images help me to remember those who truly need my prayers and also serve to put my own minor troubles into perspective. I do not have bombs bursting all around me, men fighting right outside the remains of my home. I am indeed fortunate.  

I find Debbie Reynolds’ death in such close proximity to her daughter’s a sad event.  Not that I will mourn as I would if I knew these people personally, but rather I will recognize how human loss touches us all deeply, whether we are rich or poor, a celebrity or an everyday person.

None of us is immune from suffering. Feeling compassion, one for another, is sometimes all we have to offer. 

Rest In Peace all who have died over these past few days. May light perpetual shine upon you. 

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