Luna Day

I have a little visitor tonight. Luna Pacheco Beaty is here beside me watching Peppa Pig. We have spent today together, beginning with making gingerbread houses this morning at her school. Then there was a Christmas program where Luna had quite a showing of support since she had her mom, dad, grandpa, grandma and two aunts were there to hear her pre-school class sing Christmas carols – all six minutes of it. Afterwards, we had lunch together at Luna’s house and then we headed through a lot of traffic (LA on the move for the holidays) to finally get home. Since then, Luna and I made a chocolate eclair cake for Christmas Day and spaghetti for dinner. Plus, she has watercolored, played with Playdoh, plus had a long bath. Unfortunately, we may have “tested” the chocolate sauce a bit too much during our baking session since we both are wide awake. Alas, it is nice and cozy here with more rain outside so all is well.

Here is Luna contemplating her gingerbread creation:


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  1. What a darling. She’s growing so fast. ❤ ❤ ❤ I don't doubt she'll be a great cook like gramma.

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