Congratulations to Alexa on her Acceptance to Penn!

I am happy to share that my writing student Alexa Nourafchan, a senior at Harvard-Westlake, received her acceptance letter today from University of Pennsylvania, where she will be entering the freshman class in the fall, 2017.  Alexa and I have a long history since I first learned of her existence when her mother announced she was pregnant with Alexa 17 years ago when her big sister Gabriella was a student in my 4th grade class at the Center for Early Education in West Hollywood.

I hadn’t seen Alexa since she was a baby bump until a few months back when she arrived at my front door, all grown up and ready to work with me as my writing student. However, I have been in touch with her family over the years, and worked with her other big sister Lauren as my writing student as well.

Alexa is a top student, executive editor of her high school yearbook, a singer in the Harvard-Westlake choir, and all-round wonderful girl. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her well over the past several months. She is not only smart, but kind and considerate. She will be an asset to Penn. I am happy the acceptance committee recognized that fact and has rewarded Alexa for her hard work.

So proud of you, Alexa. Congratulations, sweet girl.



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  1. Gabriella Nourafchan says:

    This warmed my heart. Thank you for all of your hard work, Len!! I love hearing updates about you from my sisters. I hope to see you soon. Our family loves you SO much. Thank you for inspiring us always xxx

    1. Aw, Gabby, the gift is your family to me. What a lovely bunch. I would love to see you, my dear! Big hugs

  2. C.o.n.g.r.a.t.u.l.a.t.i.o.n.s., Alexa, and of course Len. ❤ 🙂

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