Back Home

After spending the last two days in Ontario at the LA Episcopal Diocese convention where we elected a bishop on the eighth ballot, I am now happily back home with grandbabies visiting for the night. Nothing makes me happier than having these little tykes around so all is well in that regard. As for the convention, it was my first and there were some contentious moments because we have some controversy within lthe diocese right now that has brought division, but overall it went remarkably well. The new Bishop won me over when he discussed the value of listening to one another so we can all feel heard. That is often much easier said than done; however, I can see the basic truth in his statement and am going to strive to listen a little better in my life.
Right now, I am heading to bed. The babies are aleep but they will wake early. I need to be rested.

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  1. A big day of doing good. Sleep tight. ❤ 😛

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