Other? What does that mean? Other means not us. Someone different. Someone who does not share common traits or beliefs or locations or even species. Other is a word that comes up a lot when people want to judge someone harshly. He has other beliefs. She has other interests. Not ours. Against us. Not with us. These are the connotations associated with the word other.

Other also has a different meaning. It can mean not this, but something different. Something that is not the usual, the mundane, the status quo. Something other than the way we always do things or say things or see things. Another alternative.

Other, by its very nature, is controversial. It encourages choice and conscious thought versus settling for the same. This makes many people nervous, this concept of pushing past the typical way life is lived and exploring other options. This makes some people nervous, indeed.

The other way to think of the word other is as more or additional. “There are other people who can do this work,” you might say to a boss. Meaning there are additional people to draw from. “We could use other ingredients along with our usual recipe,” a chef might say to his/her assistant. Other in this case means to add to – to supplement – what is already there. This is not displacement – it’s not either/or, but both – what we have plus other additions as well. This has a positive connotation because it’s inclusive.

Other is a word that makes some people nervous and other people happy. It depends on how they see the connotation behind the word. I think other makes life much more lively. Other means we have choices and help and options that make everything more colorful.


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  1. Fab post, Len. I like my world of choices. ❤ ❤ 🙂

  2. Philip Barbour says:

    yes Len the others was horror movie also…. Other then that I would say what about ‘those certain people’ who we all need to watch…? The problem is we don’t know those certain people and probably wouldn’t want to know them. Other then that I gotta go feed my cat!

    oh Hillary is gonna WIN. !

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