Memories of My Childhood in No Particular Order

I remember:

Warm pavement under my bare feet

Doodle bugs tickling my arms

Train whistles in the distance

My father’s biscuits and gravy

My mother’s typing

The smell of chlorine at the pool in summer

Chicken and dumplings

Incense at church

Freshly mown grass

My dad’s old farm truck

My Uncle Doc’s café

My Uncle Hutch’s hardware store

My Uncle Claude’s menswear store

My dad’s sale barn

My mother reading

My brother banging on snare drums

My big red tricycle

My pretty aqua bike

Hitting my forehead on a doorknob

Buying my first bra at Woolworth’s

The cool air in the movie theater

Kneeling at church

The air just before a rain

Creaking in the attic of our house

My mother saying prayers at bedtime

Watching television with my brothers

Going to the drive-in with my family

The yeast rolls at my elementary school

Jumping rope at recess

The sound of the locusts in the summer

Playing baseball

Walking to town

Being chased by my brothers

The day John Kennedy died


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Anna Chauvin says:

    Interesting menagerie of smells, tastes, sounds……

    1. Thanks, Anna. Yes, those smells, tastes and sounds all are a big part of my childhood.

  2. James Isham says:

    So many of these brought tears to my old eyes since I too grew up there. Thank you.

    1. Aw. I’m glad these brought back memories for you as well.

  3. Joan Henehan says:

    Yes, to so many of these. The sights, the fragrances, the experiences enjoyed alone by each person.

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