A Comfort Chair

The bent wood rocker is brown with age, and the thin arms are lighter than the rest of the wood where human arms have rested upon them. The back has five wooden rungs that are attached to two long round pieces of wood that stretch three inches above the highest rung and all the way down to below the curved pieces of wood on the bottom of the chair that are the rockers. The round pieces of wood do not go into the rockers, but rather are on the sides of each, fitted to them with half-moon cut-outs in the rocking pieces. The seat is rush and is in four triangular sections that meet in the center. There are two rungs below the seat on all four sides to sturdy the old chair.

The chair is not heavy at all, but neither is it extremely light. It’s sturdy enough to hold a full-grown man though the width of the seat could not accommodate anyone who was very overweight. The weight looks like it is around a foot and a half across, so no over eating if you want to linger in that chair.

The chair sits near the fireplace and is a favorite place to sit, especially if a fire has been lit. The rocking action is good. Not too shallow and not too deep. Just the right amount of push to rock back, and the equal forward motion to propel back. The chair is not too tall, so it’s perfect for me, a not very tall woman.

There is a comfort to this chair. It is not expensively made and yet it’s also not cheap. Just right in its construction to satisfy the person who needs to rest, to sit a while, to rock away troubles or to rock with contemplation. This is the chair of choice for me on any morning when I feel a need for a little comfort or at night when I might want a little relaxation. A comfort chair, this is what this rocker is. For me now, for someone in the past, most certainly, and, hopefully, for someone in the future.


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  1. That’s exactly how I saw the chair as I read its description. ❤

    1. Happy to hear the description works.

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