SCN Flash Courses: One Just Ended; Another Starts Soon

I just wrapped up the Flash Nonfiction class I have been teaching this summer at Story Circle Network.  The class was small, five women, and was relatively short, five weeks. Over that time they read The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Flash Nonfiction, had optional supplementary readings and stories (which they all read) and also submitted a flash nonfiction piece (1200 words are fewer) each week.  In addition, they had critique partners each week and they read their partner’s work and commented on it, as well as responding to the assigned readings.

Some classes gel better than others. This was one of the very good ones. The women got to know each other and seemed to find natural connections, one with the other.  Also, they all had a common drive when it came to writing, each working hard to do her personal best.  They accepted critique well and were judicious in giving their own critiques. This created an atmosphere of mutual respect, which is ideal when dealing with artistic endeavors.  Nurturing creativity is a sacred trust, as far as I’m concerned.

I am offering Intermediate Flash Fiction/Memoir in the fall term.  I am looking forward to working with students who have either taken one of my previous “flash” courses or anyone who is already familiar with the basic information about writing flash.

If you happen to be a woman and are looking for a class that will move your Flash fiction or nonfiction writing up to the next level, then consider this upcoming course.  We will be stretching and growing as we gather new information about this exciting genre.

Come join me for the fun.


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