My Day’s Work

Today was one of those days where I first met with my writing friend, Michael, and we worked for two hours on our individual works-in-progress, then I headed outside to organize junk for a few hours before returning inside to work with students on various important projects in their lives.  One was a Senior Class speech for a boy who attends Harvard Westlake, another a “Why Penn?” essay for a girl who wants only to go to Penn and another was another supplemental essay for a young man applying to medical school.  Two hours for each student = 6 hours of intensive and satisfying work.  It is now 10:11 – my last student ended at 9:30 – and I am, as usual, ready to head upstairs for a bath and bed.

I like that my life is varied.  I have work that requires lifting, moving and selling antiques and I have work that demands attention to all aspects of the written word from theme to voice to story to grammar. Both make me happy and use very different parts of my brain.  I truly need the physical work of my antique life since the writing life is not exactly filled with jumping jacks and push-ups, at least not the physical kind.

So, off I go upstairs.

I hope you’ve had your own satisfying day.

I will check in with you tomorrow to share how life is faring.

Until then…



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