Today’s Heat and Tonight’s Moon

Today has been a day to hide from the heat. That’s just what Ray and I did, worked inside, upstairs in the air conditioning. I talked to one friend in Palm Springs who said it was 123 degrees there – a new record – and here in LA it was HOT, in the high 90’s. In Ojai, Ray checked mid-afternoon and it was 111. Oh Lordy.

It was hot enough that we rescheduled a meeting with an estate client, and elected to miss the last art class at the Barnsdall. At 7 pm in Hollywood it was projected to be 96 degrees and the classrooms at Barnsdall are warm even when the air is cool outside. Like I said, we hid upstairs in the air conditioning and did our work.

I’m sure there have been plenty of brownouts because of all the air conditioners that are on all over this part of SoCal. Daughter LIz said there was a brownout in Glendale where she lives yesterday and I’m sure there have been more. I haven’t seen the news yet for this evening, but that simply has to be the case.

The traffic was at a minimum today here on Doheny Drive. We live on a busy street, but it wasn’t that busy today. I think anybody who could stay home or at an air-conditioned workplace was happy to stay there. Plus there were two wild fires raging east of town and another one up near Santa Barbara. My oh my. Sarah and her family live in Sierra Madre and she told me this evening they could see and smell smoke from the fire near them in Arcadia.

Luckily, the temperatures are headed down after today. I think it only is going to be in the high 80’s tomorrow. That’s good. That will at least not make it so hot for the firefighters as they continue to combat these terrible fires.

As for the rest of us, I think knowing it will start to cool is a big morale boast for everybody. It is no fun living in a big city during a major heat wave. The heat shimmers off the cement and off the buildings and increases the heat index by a significant amount. I saw on Facebook that one of my friends had headed to the beach today. I expect as many people did who could though most had to work.

I hope you’re keeping cool wherever you are. Drink lots of water and keep out of the direct sun.

On a lighter note, I went outside this evening and saw the full moon beaming down in all its glory. A fitting sight for the summer solstice. The air was cool; the moon luminous. Beautiful.

Be well, my friends. I hope you’ll take a minute to go out and see that moon.

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. The moon is an awesome sight. Keep cool.

    1. I bet it truly was there in Hawaii. It was amazing here as well. My goal is to keep as cool as possible! Have fun.

  2. Our heat is nearly as high as yours but for us the temperatures have been steadily under 90 degrees F.
    I stay in when it’s hot. It wears me down. 😀 ❤

      1. Indeed, I shall. Hope you manage to as well. 😀

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