An Orange Grove Evening 

I just returned from taking a hot shower in our shower here at the orange grove. The shower is in a tin structure with two rooms. One is the dressing room where there is a bench and a sink with hot and cold water. The other is the shower room complete with its own door. What this shower facility doesn’t have is a roof. This means that while undressing, showering and getting dressed again, you have a clear view of an orange tree full of oranges on one side (you could reach up and grab an orange if you were tall enough) and you also get a full view of the night sky filled with stars and a sliver of a moon. It’s hard to beat looking up at the stars while warm water cascades down your back. Pretty much the definition of bliss. 

After finishing up my shower, I headed over to our kitchen. It is a stand alone little tin building within which there is a fridge, stove, 3 small attached sinks and cabinets full of plates, glasses and silverware. We also keep a small store of canned food plus food in the fridge. I poked around a bit but didn’t find anything that was calling my name. I decided I would finish up an orange waiting back at the Airstream and call it a night. We had a late lunch and a Rice Dream dessert. I am good with that for tonight. 

Ray and the dogs are already settled for the night. I will be joining them shortly. Early to bed, early to rise out here. We walk a lot out here just getting from A to B plus it is just so quiet and peaceful, it just seems right to settle into a cozy warm bed. 

I will check back in with you tomorrow. I wish friends who are suffering health trials right now a peaceful evening. I suppose we could all use that, now couldn’t we?

Sleep well. 

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  1. Ha ha. So, the moon and the stars don’t close their eyes or look the other way? ❤ ❤
    Looks cozy, Len. 😀

    1. Ha! They are very open minded!

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