Sunday evening in Ojai

I am posting this as I sit in the back of the van on a bed we have made for ourselves. We have a foam mattress plus sleeping bags that makes this spot nice and soft. Sarah and her family are sleeping in the Airstream, Rachael and Ariel are in a tent, and Bri and Casey and Bri’s daughter Luman are in their vanagon. It is dark and very quiet here save for the last minute grooming of Frankie, our terrier before she settles down for the night. 

We drove 631 miles today, starting at six and ending at 5:30. 

This evening we had supper with kids, grandkids and friends around the campfire. Luna and Luman (both three) went with me on a post dinner walk around the orange grove. The rest of the time I held Nico as much as I could. 

I am happy to be here safely after such a long drive. A lovely ending to a good trip. 

I hope you had a pleasant Sunday. 

I will check back in with you tomorrow. 

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  1. Sweet sleep outdoors. Zzzzzzzz.

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