Sunday in Texas

I am sitting in what we call the “green” room in our Victorian, named for the dark green wallpaper with maroon flowers and the accompanying dark green ceiling. Two clocks in the room are ticking out of sync with one another, and one just rang four times though it is actually 10:03 pm. Clearly some adjustments are in order. However, I love this room; one of the coziest in the house.

green room

I am sitting on a rocker that is part of a three-piece Mission Oak set that includes 2 rockers and a couch. This was my 60th birthday present from my husband, Ray. We had both been admiring the three-piece set at Touch of Class Antique Mall for several months when Ray decided this would be an ideal birthday gift for me. We have been enjoying these pieces of furniture ever since. They work beautifully in the room and have the added benefit of actually being comfortable, which isn’t always the case with older furniture.

mission oak

As always, I am enjoying being here in this lovely old house. I feel enveloped in a warm swirl of color, texture and memories. We visited with friends earlier today in the front parlor with all the windows wide open and the lace curtains fluttering from an easterly wind. The air was so fresh it was lovely and Ray remarked, “People may very well have sat right here in this room on a Sunday afternoon 120 years ago.” Now if that doesn’t give one pause…

We went to church this morning at St. Stephen’s Episcopal church here in Sherman with our friends, Dav and Carol Griffith. We saw old friends there: Helen and Craig Summers and Frances Neidhardt. Craig’s parents were our daughter Sarah’s Godparents and Frances was a close friend of my mother’s and is the Godmother of our youngest daughter, Rachael. These relationships go back 30 + years, which, of course, makes them that much more special. We will be attending a special memorial celebration on Thursday evening at the church for Father James Garrard, who was the rector at St. Stephen’s for almost 30 years, from 1968 -1996. Ray and I knew him well and he was one of the finest priests either of us have ever known. We’ll definitely be there to celebrate his memory since he not only blessed our marriage, but also celebrated requiem masses for my father, my mother and two of my brothers. We’re happy we’ll still be in town.

With that said, I will bid you goodnight.

I hope you have had a lovely Sunday, wherever you are.

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow.

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  1. Indeed your favorite room does give the feel of comfort. A wonderful one, indeed. Happy Monday (now). 😀

  2. Nancilynn says:

    I would love to have a writing Sabbatical in that lovely house! I felt as if I was there!!!

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