Motel 6, Holbrook, AZ and Guy Clark

I am sitting on the bed in a Motel 6 with Frankie; Ray is on the other bed with Cordelia. This is just for writing. Later, the dogs will be on one bed and we on the other, I hope. That is unless we all end up in one double bed, which might be slightly crowded given that Cordelia is a rather full-figured gal. We will see. Whatever the case, we are here in Holbrook, AZ where we are staying for the night. Motel 6 has a liberal pet policy, which makes it perfect for us and our furry friends.

We stopped slightly early – 100 miles – because it was raining and we are pulling a big trailer. I was driving, and with all the splashes from the big rigs as they passed us (yes, I was going a sensible 65 miles per hour because of the trailer) we concluded that 100 more miles was going to be pretty tough particularly since we left home at 6 this morning, CA time. No good comes from a tired driver…

So here we are in our cozy room with orange and blue bedspreads and orange curtains and the dogs seem happy to be out of the van. We’re happy too though we usually drive much later the first day of our two-day trek to Texas from California. Alas, we are making up for our early evening by starting at 5 rather than 6 am tomorrow. I don’t mind that. Fewer vehicles on the road, and hopefully no rain. I am a morning person, after all.

I am very sorry to hear of the death of Guy Clark today. He was only 74 and that’s far too young to die these days. I have loved his songs for a long time now and also his sense of humor. He can write a song about anything, as demonstrated by his song, Homegrown Tomatoes. “There are only two things that money can’t buy, true love and homegrown tomatoes.” So true. He was a master at writing songs about his own life that were so honest and open that they ended up having a universal appeal. That is no small accomplishment.

Here is a love song he wrote for his wife, Susanna, and it gives a clear picture of the true love they shared. Susanna died in 2012.

Rest in peace, Guy Clark. You will be missed.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Happy driving. Hope you had a good Motel 6 rest. ❤
    R.I.P. Guy Clark.

  2. ladywinfred says:

    Ha, cracked me up with the orange curtains and orange bedspreads. Been there, done that, mama! Love it!

    1. Ha! Yes, no glamour there.

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