Sarah’s Birthday Celebration

Today is my oldest daughter Sarah’s 34th birthday. We went out to her new apartment in Sierra Madre for a birthday celebration. Her two sisters, Liz and Rachael, came plus their boyfriends, Ron and Ariel. Of course, Sarah’s husband, Gregorio, and her two kids, Luna and Nico, were there. Plus, Sarah’s nanny, Bri, and her boyfriend, Casey, and Bri’s daughter, Luman.

Sarah and Gregorio recently moved to Sierra Madre to live right next door to Bri and Casey. Since Sarah is in her last year and a half of her residency in Family Medicine, knowing your nanny is right next door is a big plus. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Casey is one of Gregorio’s best friends, so Casey and Bri can also call upon Sarah and Gregorio for a little child care for themselves. Having all of them living so close together feels very much like graduate student housing. Lots of people right there to support one another.

The birthday celebration was low-key and relaxed. We all gathered for lunch and to spend time together. Gregorio made a delicious chicken and vegetable soup with cilantro and lime, along with his famous homemade guacamole. Liz and Ron brought crock pot shredded chicken and homemade salsa. Rachael and Ariel brought beans to add to the chicken for tostadas. We brought a homemade peach pie from peaches we’d picked from our tree in our back yard. Thumbs way up for the food. Everything was fresh, tasty and healthy.

I also received my Mother’s Day gift at this gathering, which was a fitness tracker. I am delighted since I’ve wanted one of these for quite a while now. Liz got it connected to my I-Phone so I’m all set to see how much activity I get, how much sleep, and how many calories I’m burning everyday. I expect this information to be illuminating. Can’t wait to see how this little device will aid my efforts to get more fit.

Sarah seemed to be happy to have her family and friends around for her birthday. I was certainly happy to be there with her and everyone else. Life gets pretty simple in the big picture. Love, good food, and laughter is hard to beat.

Happy birthday, oldest daughter. You already know I love you and think you’re terrific. I suppose hearing it one more time is just fine too!

Dear reader, I hope you’ve had a happy weekend and are ready for the upcoming week.

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.


Nico, Liz, Sarah, Luna and Rachael

girls 2


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  1. Happy Birthday, Sarah and Happy Mother’s Day Len. Love your family get togethers. The food sounds scrumptious. 🙂 ❤

    1. Thanks, Tess. The food was exceptional!

      1. Of course it would be. Nothing less. ❤ ❤ ❤

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