One of Those Days

This has been one of those days. Up by 6 am to meet a student at 6:30 down in my den for 6 hours of work to finish her Senior Honors Thesis for her Bachelor’s degree in Gender Studies. I have learned a lot about the history and current status of reproductive rights for women over the past month, I can tell you. The thesis is done and it is exceptionally strong. She has over 40 citings and tons of interesting information about the ongoing fight for women’s reproductive rights since the political upsurge of the Moral Majority and the Religious Right. What I learned was both fascinating and disturbing.

After that first student left at 12:15, my second student arrived at 1 pm. We worked for 2 hours on one of her final papers for her Master’s in Clinical Psychology. That is always fun and interesting since I have so much interest (and a Master’s) in Psychology. So, though my day was long, I enjoyed working on this paper.

After my second student had gone, I sat down to work on my report on the Online Classes for the upcoming SCN board meeting. This is my first Board report since I took the job so some of the charts were a bit confusing. Still, once I focused, it all became very clear. I finally got everything compiled and sent off. That was a great feeling since I had a deadline looming on that one.

This evening, Ray and I headed off to the Barnsdall Art Center where we met daughter Liz. Ray went to his ceramics class and Liz and I headed over to our Still Life class. We painted a fruit bowl with two oranges, a grapefruit as well as a bottle of wine. I appreciate that this type of painting (oil, this time) is tricky. I had fun, but I certainly understand I need to know more and practice a whole lot more!

Now I am ready to go upstairs and jump right into bed. This was a productive day filled with people and activities that I love, but enough is enough. Now it’s time to just sink down into bed and relax.

I’ll check back in with you folks tomorrow. Until then, have a good night.


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  1. Busy-busy, Len. You amaze me with how much you accomplish in a day. Sweet dreams. 🙂

    1. This one was a bit more than usual!

      1. I had to take a nap after reading your post. Zzz-zzz.

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