Unwinding at the Orange Grove

I have been in Ojai at our orange grove for the past two days with Ray and granddaughter Luna.  We returned this evening, taking Luna home to be reunited with her mom, dad and 3 1/2 month old brother, Nico.

I had the pleasure of doing absolutely nothing but tending to three-year-old Luna while we were there.  This meant lots of time walking around looking at birds and butterflies and doodlebugs, playing catch, sitting nearby while she played on a big gravel hill, fixing lots of snacks, playing games in the Airstream, reading stories, and occasionally giving her time to watch Peppa Pig on my I-phone. This afternoon, I snuggled with her while she took a nap and I read a novel.  Oh, joy! I can’t even remember the last time I have given myself that kind of luxury.

I realized while hanging out with Luna just how task-oriented I’ve been over the past months.  It took me a while to unkink my shoulders and to give myself permission to not work on my phone.  (It helped that reception isn’t very good at the orange grove.)   I am also reading The Power of Now with a student so I practiced just being present. I like to think I am pretty good about staying in the now, but I saw that it took a while before I stopped thinking I could/should be attending to online business while being with Luna.  I made the conscious decision not to do any of that (or not much) since I know that I have been a little too wound up of late and needed time off.  I’m so glad I made that choice.  I can breathe deeper as a result and had a sweet time with my little granddaughter.

We are now back home and Ray is upstairs, probably fast asleep with Frankie curled up next to him.  Cordelia stays downstairs with me until I’m done writing every night.  We’ll walk upstairs in just a few minutes and I’ll lift her up so she can sleep on the bed with us.  Frankie is lighter afoot and can easily jump up on the bed.  Cordelia, the Corgi needs a little help.

I have a student arriving at 9 am for more work on her Senior Honors Thesis.  I better hit the sack so I’ll be fresh.

I hope all is well with you, my friends.  Sleep well tonight.

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow.

Luna and Dogs



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  1. Spending a day with a three-year-old can be tiring, but also illuminating because we see the world around us through her innocent and inquisitive eyes.
    WOW! Three years already, Len? Where has the time gone. I remember when she was born. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I know. Time moves at a pace I would have never imagined when I was younger.

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