Moving Weekend

Two of my three daughters moved their residences this weekend; the third one has been moving around the country on business and pleasure.

Sarah and Gregorio moved from Highland Park to Sierra Madre (about the same distance from us – 40 minutes without traffic) so they could be closer to Luna and Nico’s nanny and also nearer to Luna’s play school.  Sarah, who is half way through finishing her 3 year residency in Family Medicine, decided life would be simpler if her child care could be much more convenient for all concerned.  I concurred.  “Simplify,” I said.

Rachael has moved back from Orange County to LA and she and her boyfriend, Ariel, have gotten an apartment about 15 minutes from our house.  That is a treat for me since having Rachael closer means I will get to see her more.  So, I am happy for her and also for Ariel since they are very excited about their new place. I will go see it tomorrow.

Liz went to Cleveland for a conference with work and then flew on to New York State to see one of her best buddies from graduate school: Dara.  They have spent the weekend together and Liz was due home tonight. Unfortunately, she’s just let us know that her flight was cancelled.  Dara – knowing Liz would likely just spend the night in the airport – called Liz and told her that she had paid for a room in the nearby Comfort Suites.  Liz is there now and very grateful for Dara’s kindness.  What a sweet friend!

Ray and I have been helping Sarah and Gregorio for the past two days with their move.  I have been in charge of childcare so Sarah could do something besides hold Nico and keep tabs on Luna; Ray did some of the actual moving.

Tomorrow we will take items to Rachael and Ariel for their apartment.  We will also see Liz tomorrow night for our art class. We’ll get more details on her trip then.

Below are two photos of my “charges” for the past two days.  I have to admit that getting to spend time with these little ones makes moving weekend a pure pleasure for Grandma.





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  1. The are beautiful children and you are lucky to have them in your life. Enjoy.

  2. So true! Thank you. I love them very much and feel extremely lucky to have them near to enjoy.

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