Eli Aminpour: Heading to Stanford for a Summer Research Fellowship

I am very pleased to announce that my writing student Eli Aminpour has been awarded the highly competitive Dr. Michael P. Fischbein Fellowship in Cardiothoracic Surgery Research at Stanford University. Eli, a Beverly Hills High School junior, will head to Stanford for 8 weeks this summer to learn research techniques and conduct research projects in Cardiothoracic Surgery fields.

This fellowship is reserved for students who have shown exceptional leadership skills and who have also been actively involved in volunteer activities. Each applicant was required to write three essays along with providing high school transcripts, a resume of activities and letters of recommendation.

The essay topics were:

a. Provide the admissions committee with a brief 400-500 word narrative of yourself. Consider including information about your intellectual development, educational opportunities you have been exposed, and the ways these experiences have influenced your future academic and career goals.
b. Fully describe your intellectual and professional interests, and your academic, professional, or personal goals. What has led you to these interests and goals? What have you done so far to prepare yourself to accomplish these objectives? (300-500 words)
c. The goals of the fellowship experience include increasing interest in biological sciences and medicine and helping students understand how scientific research is performed. What do you hope to learn and how you do plan on using this experience in the future? (300-500 words)

Eli and I spent a great deal of focused time getting those essays exactly right. I am very pleased that they helped him win this prestigious fellowship.

This is Eli’s second summer at Stanford. Last year he participated in the summer cardiothoracic surgical internship. We worked on essays for that program too.
As you can well imagine the competition for this fellowship was fierce. Not only could high school students apply, but college students as well. In addition, the recipient receives a stipend for his/her work over the summer, which makes this particular fellowship especially enticing. Eli should feel very proud to have been awarded this fellowship amid such a highly qualified field of applicants; he can feel even more pleased because he is only a junior in high school.

Congratulations, Eli! I am certain you’re going to have another memorable summer at Stanford, learning a whole range of research techniques and making many new friends.

I am proud of you and delighted for you.

Hugs to you, my dear. Here’s to a job well done!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nancilynn says:

    Wonderful achievement.

  2. Thanks, Nancilynn. This is a boy on a mission. Very bright. Wonderful student to work with. I love him to bits.

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