Wednesday Evening Ramblings

I am sitting here at 7:35 pm. My last student left an hour ago; my first one arrived at 9 am and I have had back-to-back two-hour sessions all day. I am grateful for the work. There was a time during the recession when my student numbers went to half. That’s when I came to truly appreciate a full day of writing sessions. Still, I realize that I have not fully recovered from my event-filled trip to Texas for the Story Circle Network national writing conference. I am still buzzing with thoughts and excitement and I look forward to the slow processing of all that I have recently experienced and learned.

Tomorrow I have students in the morning and then I have the joy of grandchildren in the afternoon. We will go out to Sierra Madre where Sarah and Gregorio have now moved (or are in the process of moving) so we can tend to Luna and Nico while Sarah is at work. Gregorio is off in San Diego for an archeology conference (I think he is there for that versus other kinds of work) and he won’t be returning until Friday. So, Grandma and Grandpa can be useful and also get a chance to see the grandbabies. Apparently Ray spent a lot of time with them while I was at the conference in Texas. It’s me who is feeling a bit baby-deprived. Alas, that will be remedied tomorrow.

As for now, I am officially finished with work for today and am thinking of taking the dogs for a second walk around the block. By the way, Frankie so far has not repeated her bed-wetting. We have been working hard to get her out for official walks and that may be all that was needed. We will see over time.

On that note, I’ll say good night. I am ready to close this computer and not look at it again until tomorrow morning when my student arrives at 8 am.

I’ll be checking back in with you tomorrow.

I hope you’re having a good evening.

dog resting

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  1. jbguy says:

    The picture of the dog – looks like a post-conference pose. xox

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