Day 2: Story Circle Network Writing Conference

Today I went to classes on poetry, marketing, the value of place in writing and developing a writing voice. There were so many great options that it was hard to decide which classes to pick. I was very pleased with my four choices: the presenters were excellent in each and I came away with information that I can put into immediate practice. To me that is the very definition of a worthwhile workshop.

We also heard the May Sarton Award Winners read excerpts from their books during lunch. I was deeply impressed by the quality of the writing, which was absolutely beautiful.

This evening I hosted a table at dinner for anyone interested in or already participating in the online class program. We had a lively group with lots of laughter and good conversation. The food was good too!

This was another outstanding day at the conference. These women are so genuine, dedicated and talented. It’s a real treat to be among them.

Here are pictures of the various workshops I attended and our table at dinner:

Jan Seale, Texas Poet Laureate, 2012

Writing in Sorrow/Writing in Strength

Jan Seale

Debra Winegarten

Putting Your Book on Amazon is Not a Marketing Plan: Creative Ways to Market Your Book and Find New Audience


Dawn Wink and Susan Tweit

Place as Character


Lisa Dale Norton

                                                           It’s All about Voice:                                                                       Writing Memoir That Readers Will Love, Buy, and Recommend


Online Classes Table at Dinner

online table

6 Comments Add yours

  1. The classes have been beyond my expectations. This conference is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. So many new friends and so happy to meet you.

    1. So happy to meet you too! Yes, best thing I’ve done for myself too in a good long time. Hooray.

  2. Pat Bean says:

    What a treat being able to hug you again Len. You are my writing hero!!!!

    1. Back at you, girlfriend. We bolster each other.

  3. Nancilynn says:

    I was so happy to spend quality time with you, Len! It is always a joy!

    1. Absolutely, Nancilynn. So much fun to spend sweet time with you. Hugs.

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