Illness Update

Stayed in bed all day. Ray brought me juice, ice water and chicken soup, all the while doing some serious hacking of his own. I slept a lot, rested a lot, and did not work except for a 1 1/2 phone conference this evening. I am pooped out from that effort though I am happy about all the information I received from the caller about work I will be doing in the near future. (Announcement to follow tomorrow or the next day depending on how I feel.)

Alas, I am going to bed now with the hopes of healing this body of mine so I can leap up with vigor tomorrow morning to tackle all the work I have scheduled. The truth is I’d rather do the work than be sick. Being sick is not much fun.

Sleep well, my friends. Take that extra Vitamin C!

I’ll be checking back in tomorrow.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Poor Len. There is nothing for it but rest, time and plenty of liquid. (( ❤ ))

  2. Nancilynn says:

    Hope you are feeling better today, Len.

    1. I am, Nancilynn. Hope you are, too.

  3. Sarah Hensley says:

    Bless you Len. Your work now is to seek healing. Rest well Be well. Love surrounds you.

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