At Our Sherman Home After An Art Detour

Yes! We have made it. Hooray.

In the wee hours of this morning, we arrived in Fort Worth at the condo that we are selling there. We spent the night and today headed over to the Renzo Piano Pavilion at the Kimbell Art Museum to see the Gustave Caillebotte exhibit entitled, “A Painter’s Eye.” This was the last day of the exhibition and it was packed with people. (A great thing to see so many people excited about art.) Even with the crowd, we were able to see all the paintings in the exhibit very easily, and the audio program that came with the price of the ticket was excellent at explaining the history and artistic details of each major painting. I felt as if I learned a lot about this artist, which added to my appreciation of his art.

Afterward, we walked around the Kimbell, which is worth a trip in itself just to enjoy the building. It is truly beautiful, full of wonderful shapes and light.  The art is pretty good, too!

Here are a few photos, which will explain this much better than I can express in words:

Our Destination


Ray and Fellow Art Patrons In Line


A Look at the Kimbell (and the Texas sky) from the Piano Pavilion


Inside the Kimbell


Looking Out from the Kimbell


Caillebotte’s Famous “The Floor Scrapers”


I saw this at the Musee D’Orsay in Paris and it was a thrill then, just as it was today to see it in Fort Worth.

Caillebotte’s “Bath”

man bathing

I love this one.  You can almost see him vigorously rubbing his back with that towel.

A wonderful Valentine’s Day seeing art.

And now I’m hearing the whistle of a train in the distance.


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  1. A wonderful stop to be sure. An amazing place as well. Thanks for sharing your photos. ❤

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