In Tucson, Finally

It’s 1:49 am Mountain Time and an hour and forty-five minutes past when we had planned to stop back in Phoenix. Actually, we had no plan to even come the southern route on I-10, but after going 5 miles in 45 minutes on I-15 outside of LA, we flipped our direction and headed south to the 10. Apparently, every Angeleno with a boat and desert bike was headed somewhere near Las Vegas today. Plenty on I-10, too, but not the traffic jam that mixed outdoors people with gamblers. Still, there were so many travelers in Phoenix that all the hotels were full, which is what caused us to drive on to Tucson. I drove to Phoenix, but then Ray took over for the trek between Phoenix and Tucson. I was just too tired to make that last leg of the trip.

We didn’t factor in this many people out on the road for the Presidents’ Day holiday. Silly us. With gas prices this low, EVERYONE who even thought about going on a trip is out. The weather is warm, too, so that lures out even reluctant souls.

Alas, we are safe and happy with the doggies here in Tucson in these early morning hours. After a decent night’s sleep, we’ll take to the highways again for the next big leg of this very long road trip. Our goal for tomorrow night is Fort Worth, where we’ll stay in the condo there that we are preparing to sell.

I hope your day has been a good one and your holiday weekend is full of fun.

Will check back in tomorrow.

Tucson skyline after dark
Tucson skyline after dark

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  1. Pat Bean says:

    I sit high enough up in the Catalina Foothills that I look down every evening, as the sun is setting and the lights are coming on, at a scenic slice of what you are seeing. Are you still in Tucson.

    1. No. Drove out an hour ago. Sorry. Would have loved to have met for coffee. On a deadline. Love Tucson!

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