Happy Afternoon

This was a Sarah afternoon with Nico and Luna. I got a chance to hold the new baby boy for several hours, to bathe Luna and to chat with Sarah. Sarah had the rare opportunity to go take a 30 minute shower.

My phone is not nearby so I can’t share the pictures I took, but I will include photos that my son-in-law, Gregorio, has taken recently of the kids. We saw him this evening, too, when he returned from work.

Happiness is a few hours with grandchildren. This is a known fact, as many of my friends can attest.

Of course, a few hours with a daughter and a good visit with her husband are happiness-producers as well.

I am feeling exceedingly grateful this evening. Warm snuggles, soft skin, pure innocence. Hard to beat. Pure and simple.

I hope you’ve had a good day, my friends.

I’ll check back with you tomorrow.

Luna and Nico





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  1. Looks to me big sister is crazy about baby brother, who appears to have grown so much already. ❤

    1. Yes, lots of love going on over there between big sis and little brother. He is a lucky little guy to have Luna as his sibling.

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