Old Photos

Today I found a box of old photos. What a treat. Here are a few to give you a window into my earlier life.

My little brother, Sam, and me in the mid-60’s. This is taken in our living room of our family home in Bonham, Texas.


Ray Beaty, when he came to Arkansas to woo me. It worked. He is 22 years old in this picture. I am 27.  Clearly, we are acting silly.  I think it’s a cute picture of Ray.  This is 1980.


Our wedding in the park in Mountain View, Arkansas in 1980.


Ray is demonstrating his love for dogs. He still has that quality. Very endearing. Probably 1982.


My mother, Helen W. Leatherwood, Ph.D. She taught Sociology and Psychology at the local college and also had a private practice in psychology. I am guessing this picture was taken in the late 70’s.  Clearly, she had hurt her arm.


My mother’s partner for 29 years, Dorothy LeMole Ed.D. She and Mom met in graduate school and built a house together plus had the private practice together. They were both licensed psychologists. (Late 70’s)


My beloved nephew, Jim Agutter, and his darling sister, Kevin, with Rosie, my sister Leslie’s partner at that time. We were at Mom and Dorothy’s house and these three are clearly engaged in a backgammon game. (Late ’70’s)


My dear sister-in-law, Sandra Adams Leatherwood. (Late 70’s)


My brother John (with the beard) and first cousin, Jack White. John had a Master’s degree in Italian and lived and taught in Italy for 10 years. He died in 1991 from AIDS. Jack is still alive and well. He is a retired English professor. (Late 70’s)


My brother Jim. He died in 1994 from AIDS. He was a physician and was the person who wooed us to Los Angeles.  For that, we are forever grateful. (Late 70’s)


Noticeably missing from these photos are my brother George and sister Leslie. They were there at Mom’s when most of these pictures were taken, but, unfortunately, they were not in any of the photos I found today.  Also, of course, there are no photos of our kids or George and Sam’s kids. That will have to wait for another box on another day.

These photos bring back very happy memories of people I loved and continue to love dearly. I have been very lucky to have such a wonderful family.

I hope your evening is going well. I’ll check back in tomorrow.

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