Tasty and Inexpensive Food Recommendation in LA

Ray and I stumbled upon the Malibu Fish Grill today since we were driving down Melrose between Highland and La Brea (specifically 6803 Melrose) around noon and we saw their sign advertising $2 tacos for “Taco Tuesdays.” We circled the block and were able to park easily in the parking lot right in front of their place, which is in a little strip mall. The interior was pleasant, the wait staff nice, and the price was definitely right. I was surprised it wasn’t busier at that time of day, but discovered that shortly after we arrived, other people began arriving, too.

“Taco Tuesdays” means that crispy cod tacos, chicken tacos, chicken skewers and Krab cakes are available for $2 each. Steak, shrimp, salmon and Mahi Mahi tacos, steak and shrimp skewers and a crispy fish stick are all available for $3.

There is also a sidebar with pico de gallo, green sauce , lemons, and tartar sauce available.

We had grilled chicken and fried cod tacos and Ray also had a Krab cake. People sitting near us had shrimp and chicken skewers along with fish tacos. In short, the food was delicious. Far better than the price would suggest.

Here are pictures so you have a better idea of what they offer:

Krab cake, fish and chicken tacos and condiments

Ray, too hungry to look up.


Grilled chicken taco close-up

chicken taco

Grilled Chicken and Shrimp Skewers

chicken and shrimp

 Crispy Cod Taco Close-up

big fish

 For those of you with children…

kids - fish

 This is probably a special at all Malibu Fish Grills

front of store

I highly recommend this place. The food was great, the prices even better and the people were open and friendly.

There you go, fellow Angelinos. I know that food recommendations are always appreciated when they include the words, “delicious,” and “cheap.”

Be sure and let me know if you go there!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks and sounds delicious. Sigh. It’ll be quite a while before I’m in the vicinity. 😀

    1. When the time comes and you are here, then we are definitely going to need to meet and have coffee!

  2. Alison Platt says:

    Glad you discovered Malibu Fish. There is one in the Sundance 5 mall in West Hollywood (corner of Sunset and Crescent Heights, by Trader Joe’s). I go there often, especially for Taco Tuesday! Nice to know they have another location.

    1. We will be heading for the one at Sundance Mall, as well!

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