Slumber Party with Baby Luna

Grandma is tired tonight. Lots of fun with baby Luna this afternoon and evening. We are enjoying a sleepover with our 22-month-old granddaughter. Currently, she is snoozing beside me in our bed. Sammie, the Scottie, is asleep at the end of the bed; Cordelia, the Corgie, is on the floor; Ray, the Grandpa is yawning on the other side of Luna. It promises to be a sweet night.

We have spent the evening with Auntie Rachael, watching the Grammy Awards. Luna has kept us amused by dancing during every musical number and shouting, “Bravo!” when someone wins an award. She has worn herself out – finally – and is honk-shoeing (as our kids called snoring) as she lies next to me.

We have the pleasure of our visiting granddaughter because her father had to go out-of-town on business and her mother has to work an overnight shift at the hospital. Auntie Rachael also had an early evening commitment, so we got lucky.

Here are a few photos of our girl:

Post-bath Contemplation, toothbrush in hand

close up luna


Post-bath exuberance

cropped happy

End of evening conk out


sleeping luna


Sweet dreams, my friends.  I hope you have a lovely night.  We are hoping for the same here.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. What a treasure Luna is growing into. She’s gorgeous!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. So sweet, too. A treasure, indeed!

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