Ray’s Return from Texas

Ray is arriving in just a few minutes after driving all the way from Texas so, needless to say, this will be short.

I will be glad when he is home safely. These cross-country trips with only one driver are a bit worrisome since I know that on our cross-countries, I am usually the primary driver. Still, I know that Ray is good about pulling over when he’s tired – better than I am at that – and that he doesn’t get in too big of a hurry – another area where I could use a bit of restraint.

Even with that said, I will breathe easier when he arrives home safely.

I think having grown up in rural Texas has a lot to do with this driving anxiety. There, people thought nothing of driving 25 miles to go to a movie in the next town or 75 miles to go to Dallas. People zipped up and down the roads all the time at high speeds and there were a fair number of accidents as a result. Unfortunately, the ones that come to mind were terrible ones and in several cases, involved people I knew well. So, I have more fear, I think, than a person who has grown up in a city, where slow speeds only produce fender-benders. However, I know I’m not alone. Many people where I grew up would say they feel the same way. It’s like tornadoes. You don’t have to see too many to have a healthy concern when the clouds turn a strange shade of green and the sirens begin to sound.

Suffice it to say that I can not wait for my husband to drive into the driveway. I will sleep better tonight knowing that he is under this roof.

On that note, I think I’ll close. I have food to warm up for his homecoming as well as honey-sweetened cookies to put out.

Good night, my friends. I will see you tomorrow. At that point, I trust Ray will be feeling much more rested and will be ready to hear the LA Phil tomorrow afternoon.

Until then…IMG_0009


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  1. Family members on road trips put the fear of God in me as well. Sleep well when he gets home.

    1. Thanks, Tess. He is here, sleeping away. I am glad.

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