Repost: A New Publication from Query Letter to Acceptance

Here was my query letter:

Dear Editor,

Below is an essay on the perils of self-doubt as a writer, the major writers who admit to this same doubt, and the resolve to keep going in spite of those nagging negative thoughts.

I am a current Pushcart nominee for a flash fiction story published in the Provo Canyon Review. I have flash fiction, memoir and essays published in flashquake, All Things Girl, True Words Anthology, Cup of Comfort Cookbook, and other literary journals.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit.


Helen Leatherwood

Here an email I received this morning:

January 24, 2015

Dear Len Leatherwood,

Here’s hoping that you’re having a wonderful weekend…

Thank you for submitting your essay ‘Confessions of a Neurotic Writer’ to THE WRITER’S MONTHLY REVIEW MAGAZINE for consideration.

Reading is something I enjoy. Some people read the newspaper – I spend my time reading wonderful articles, stories, essays and poems submitted to THE WRITER’S MONTHLY REVIEW every single day. Once in a while, something comes my way that I like and this is one of those times. How on earth did you crawl into my brain? You have expressed some of the many doubts that I have been feeling about my own novel, and you voiced every self-doubt I, as well as many others, feel at some point in our writing careers. Your story has really put things in perspective for us. I have had the pleasure of reading this wonderful article first and look forward to reading it again in the February issue of the magazine. It has been accepted for publication.

Here’s hoping you much success in all your writing endeavors.

Warmest Wishes,
Marcella Simmons

Here is a link to this essay, if you missed it:

Confession of a Neurotic Writer:

Yea! I am happy.

Talk tomorrow, friends.


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  1. Awesome! Top of the morning to you. Haven’t had my coffee yet or I’d raise my mug. ❤ ❤

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