Results from Ancestry DNA Test – A Christmas Gift from My Kids

My kids wanted to give us information on our ancestry (and theirs) for Christmas and I just received the results. Turns out that I am 96.6% Northern European, with relatives primarily from the British Isles, a few from Germany and France and then the big surprise – I am 3.2% Sub – Saharan African, more specifically West African. The Native American component that I thought would be fairly large is only .2%. Wow.

I expected the European ancestry – my maternal grandfather was a full-blood Scot and my father’s family – Leatherwood – is clearly from Britain, just based on the name. But all that talk in my family about a great great grandmother who was a full-blood Cherokee is perhaps true, but more like a great great great grandmother (or even further back) and, clearly, I have African relatives. Is it possible I am related to people who came to the U.S. as slaves? This would be ironic since my great great grandfather was a slave owner in Mississippi. (Not something I am proud of, but the truth.) Hmmm. Much to contemplate here.

I had an African American friend of mine ask me when I was in my mid-20’s if I was a sister. Apparently, I am, at least in part.

This, of course, makes me want to know more, more, more about these African relatives. Where, when and who. The Ancestry composition from this test doesn’t get very specific so that might require a good deal of research. Still, now I am very curious.

The test we did came from and required a vial of spit to trace the DNA.

The fact that Africa and the British Isles are my two top choices to visit takes on a bit more significance.

Wow. I am surprised, intrigued and pleased. I have some interesting ancestry to explore. I can’t wait to learn more.


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  1. Never a dull moment, Len. Isn’t life full of surprises!
    Enjoy your research. Sounds captivating.

    Happy New Year to you and yours, Len. ❤

    1. Thanks, Tess. Yes. Life is a ride for sure!

  2. Linda Dudley says:

    I’ve wanted to do one of these DNA ancestry tests since I learned of their existence a few years ago.
    I think you have just given me the nudge I needed to actually do it. Since I have a birthday coming up maybe I’ll just give it as a gift to self. Thanks, Len…

    1. Very good, Linda. It is fun and enlightening!

  3. David Griffith says:

    Welcome to the mysterious world of mixed-race Southern families sometimes known as Melungeons. Here’s an interesting read.

    1. Very interesting indeed. Thanks, David!

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