Just a Few Photos Over The Years

Len at Age 6

Len at 6


George, Sandra and Baby Leslie


George Sandra Leslie


Leslie a Bit Older




Sarah at age 3 in New Orleans with Friends


Sarah, et al in New Orleans


Len and Girls in 2005


Len and Girls, 2005


Hutch, Rachael, Ray and Holly, 1994


Ray, Rachael, Holly and Hutch, 1994


Ray and the Girls, around 2005

Ray with girls, 1994

I just happened to come across these today.  I’ll keep looking so that I can find good photos of other family members.

Happy sleeping!



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  1. Thanks for sharing, Len. I just love old photos. They’re so much better than images on your laptop, aren’t they. A different dimension. I like touchy-feely…same as real books versus Kindle. ❤

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