I Need Your Help Figuring Out My Writing Skills

Hi folks,

I am in the process of figuring out how to make my writing more effective.

If you are so inclined, please help me out by answering any or all of the following questions. You can either respond in the comment box or else send me a private email at lenleatherwood@gmail.com.

Your answers can be one word if that’s easier or very short. Don’t feel burdened by this. Simply toss in a few words that might help guide me.

The questions are:

What do you perceive as my values?
What do you consider my strong points?
What do I do for you?
What benefit do you get out of my blog?
How would you describe me?

With your answers, I can get a better feel for my strengths and what writing seems to hit home the most.

Thank you in advance for helping me. I realize everyone’s time is limited and I am just hoping you’ll take just a moment to toss in your two-cents worth.

Fondly, Len.

Conceptional chalk drawing - Help needed

16 Comments Add yours

  1. Marsh says:

    Len…when we see that you are vulnerable just as we are…your writings reach into “PLACES IN THE HEART” …that is when you are most effective.

    1. Marsh, thank you so much for responding. It’s good to hear from you, my friend.

  2. Cindy Baker Burnett says:

    What do you perceive as my values?
    *Loyalty and love for family and friends…heritage…good health
    What do you consider my strong points?
    *peacemaker attitude, glass-is-half-full outlook
    What do I do for you?
    *inspire me to be a better friend, mother, sister, wife, and grandmother
    What benefit do you get out of my blog?
    *self expression is contagious
    How would you describe me?

    1. Cindy, Thanks so much. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. This is very helpful for me to get clearer about what I’m doing. Hugs to you and Lanny Joe.

  3. rnee1000 says:

    What do you perceive as my values?
    Family, good heartedness and kindness and generosity

    What do you consider my strong points?
    humor, truthfulness, intelligence and a gift for sharing

    What do I do for you?
    you have provided instruction and support in writing, motivation to keep going when the writing gets tough, and you even met me face to face and gave of your time when I visited the west coast.

    What benefit do you get out of my blog?
    Your stories remind me that every day is special and there is sunshine in every sky. It also reminds me that I can write every day.

    How would you describe me?
    Cute, smart, funny, caring and warm and friendly

  4. Renee, I appreciate this feedback so much. By the way, I looked at your new book and I am most impressed. You are on a roll, my dear. Thank you for responding!

  5. Sharon Dearing, 408 Lancaster Ct Wylie Tx 75098 says:

    Dear Len,
    I keep going over these questions and the same words keep coming to my mind. 1. about values: Morals, loyal,Faithful Compassion and Caring.
    2. strong points – Faith, your caring, kindness and leadership. 3 &4 – Encouragement to just read. Enjoyment sometimes to give the sense of adventure in my dull life from the topics you write about. 5.your description – Len I find you to be one of the most intelligent, strongwilled, strongminded, Entertaining, Friendly Caring person. I greatly appreciate how you treat all people the same. Wouldn’t it be great is everyone would. God bless you Len. Thanks for the ride thus far on the blog. Sharon dearing.sharon@yahoo.com

    1. Dear Sharon, Thank you so much for taking the time to write your thoughts and impressions of me and my writing. I really appreciate your kind words and they help me to gain some clarity about how to define my mission (for myself) related to my blog and my writing in general. I am deeply touched. Len.

  6. Sharon Dearing, 408 Lancaster Ct Wylie Tx 75098 says:

    Well I did leave out that you are sweet, kind, cute and sexy grandma.

    1. Ha! Well, that is awfully nice to hear as well!

  7. ladywinfred says:

    Gee, Len, this is really hard. I mean you’re wonderful and warm and kind and an inspirational teacher (and person) and you’re the sunshine in my soul when I sip my coffee every morning while reading your Twenty Minutes. Your values are at the very top of every chart for honesty, compassion, reverence and a whole 4’11” frame crammed full of love for your family and friends and the whole world. Okay, that’s the “values” and “strong points.”

    What do you do for me and what benefits do I gain from your blog? You remind me constantly that life is beautiful and full of purpose and interest. You share your world in such a personal and intimate way that I am right there beside you doing whatever it is you’re doing on that day. You prove every day that writing works and is important, and by sharing your insecurities and doubts about your own writing career, you’ve shown me that it’s the joy of writing that is important, not only to the writer but to her readers, and that even shitty first drafts are beautiful.

    How would I describe you? Why, you’re the cat’s pajamas, girlfriend, and I love you dearly.

  8. Wow. That’s a great way to start the day. Thank you, my dear. I am heartened to see that my daily musings on my life provide some inspiration. Your list is very helpful so that I can get clearer about what my goal is for my writing. I am trying to come up with a way to guide my writing for myself and to help others find me if they are looking for what I maybe can offer. So, thank you, honey bunch. As always, you have brightened my day.

  9. Your strong points, at least two of them, are that you are consistent/persistent and creative. I managed to blog daily for nearly three months but my recent trip to Ethiopia ended that. No wifi in lots of places there. Now, I have to decide what next. You never quit. Your quick little flash fictions amaze me–so creative!!!

    1. Juliana, thank you. I am delighted to hear that support of my flash fiction pieces. I am not as confident about those and it helps to get that positive feedback. Hugs to you. Persistence! I have been enjoying your blog. Get back with it, my dear.

  10. Nancilynn says:

    Hi Len, I feel you have many strengths-one of which is “to see a larger picture” of your work and other people’s work, not just a snapshot of what is presented. Your blog has given me inspiration to visit my blog more than once or twice a year. What I get from you is courage and respect…both  of which inspire me to continue writing. I also feel as if I am a surrogate family member of yours! I perceive your values to be moral and upstanding; loyal to your friends, understanding of the human condition. In short-I feel you are a treasure in my life. Nancilynn  

  11. Ah, Nancilynn, that made me tear up. Thank you for that. I needed those kind words today. You are a treasure in my life, as well. I follow your life with great interest and love all those aspects that make you who you are. Hugs to you.

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