Fun Evening: Where is the Body of that Mouse?

I am all over the place this evening. I have been searching for the body of a decapitated mouse in daughter Liz’s room – yes, isn’t that charming – plus doing laundry from that same room, wonder why? Yea. Quite an evening.

Our cat, William, whose primary domain is Liz’s room, arrived last night with a half dead mouse in his mouth. Liz and boyfriend, Ron, vacated her room post-haste (Liz is 28 so we’re not worried about that boyfriend, by the way) and then she told me this morning that she couldn’t find the body of the mouse. Yikes.

So, when I arrived home this afternoon, I went cautiously into Liz’s room and there on the floor was the head of the mouse minus a body, plus a couple of organs of unknown function. (I am not up on my rodent organ information.) So, I found my handy-dandy shovel and scooped up what remained of the visitor and headed for the dumpster. Then, I proceeded to move every piece of clothing and every piece of bedding – carefully and with a slight amount of dread – in search of that elusive body. Alas, I found nothing of note besides a few mouse pellets (poop) in Liz’s clean clothes’ basket, so I headed to the washing machine with all of those clothes. Then I stripped her bed and bedspread and put those in the laundry room, as well. Then I moved her bed as far as I could and got the flashlight and peered underneath it. Still, to no avail.

So, I walked through the house and looked behind the couch, chairs, and in all the out-of-the-way places a cat might drop a rodent’s body, but still no luck. Then I headed outside and looked all in the back yard in search of the same, but still no luck.

It didn’t help that William was passed out on Liz’s bed the whole time, looking perhaps as if he had consumed the body and was in a sort of post-mouse feast coma. Lovely, yes indeed.

So, finally, I got Liz’s clothes washed, dried and folded; then made her bed back up with fresh sheets and covers; after sweeping her whole bedroom floor. Then she texted me and said, “Staying at Ron’s tonight.”

I can hardly blame her. Or Ron. They both may be slightly worse-for-wear after last evening. Plus, I still haven’t located that elusive body…

But I am sure it is not in Liz’s room.

I am hoping William had the decency to take it back outside. That would be awfully considerate, after all.

Liz and Ron are due to get their own apartment the first of April. It may be sooner, given the circumstances.

We may have to close the cat door at night and either make William stay in or be outside. Dragging in these “gifts” (this is not the first time) is getting to be a little too much.

I don’t think I’m being too hasty in coming up with that conclusion.

cat and mouse

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  1. E-w. You must tell us if the rest of the mouse shows up. 🙂

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