Final Press Before Celebrations

This will be a short post. I am dragging my rear-end this evening for good reason: the homeless breakfast this morning and then a day filled with students. I am finishing up with all of my students by Monday at noon, so I have more coming tomorrow morning and early afternoon and one at 9 am on Monday morning.

The gist is that I am readying myself for the arrival of a whole host of people I love, not the least of whom is my youngest daughter, Rachael, who is driving cross-country right now with our family friend, Jared. They are due to arrive some time tomorrow afternoon so I am doing my best to finish up all “official” work so that I can enjoy seeing my baby and our buddy from Texas, along with the rest of the crowd that will be trickling in all week for Thanksgiving and then the wedding.

I truly do love people, especially my family and chosen friends, so I have nothing but positive thoughts about the days to come.

We’ll figure out the food, the service, the music, and all the other details of the big TG meal and the wedding. After all, with that many people here, surely we can collectively make it happen.

On that note, I am headed to bed. Students bright and early in the morning, so I can finish by mid-afternoon in time to welcome Rachael and Jared to LA.

Night night.

Jared, Ray and Rachael

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  1. Busy, busy. I don’t know where you get your energy, Len. 😀

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