A Mantra Worth Repeating

My last student just left: it’s 10:11 pm. My first student arrived at 1:30. Enough said? Ah…nothing like the throes of college essay time. I will say that the essays are turning out really well – actually stunning in a few cases – so I can go to bed feeling satisfied and proud.

Before 1:30, Ray was talking me down from the cliff related to Thanksgiving and the wedding. “Lots of people; lots of help” was his mantra. Yes, I know all that, but there’s that fear that one forgotten detail might change the feel of the whole event. I realize that is probably unrealistic, particularly since I feel as if I written down every possible detail to consider. Alas…I suppose it is possible and that is the nature of life. I expect we’ll survive regardless.

Tomorrow I am headed downtown to meet Sarah and we’re looking at wedding dresses. Yes, this activity seems a bit late at this point, but we picked out a coral dress that is beautiful and now Sarah’s decided that maybe she wants a more traditional ivory color. Alas, one more look-see never hurt anybody and it will be my excuse to spend time with my daughter and granddaughter.

On another happy note, daughter Liz and her boyfriend, Ron, are due to return home tomorrow afternoon after almost 2 solid months traveling across the country. I can’t wait! Also, late tomorrow evening niece Leslie and her friend, Hayley, are arriving for two days before heading down to Mexico. Yes, let the festivities begin.

So, I am headed off to bed to get my beauty sleep. Tomorrow promises to be a busy and happy day. As for now, I’ll keep repeating, “Lots of people; lots of help.”

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  1. That a whirl wind you are in. *smiles*

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