Countdown to Christmas

Today was one of those days when I felt as if I were juggling a dozen different tasks in the air and getting none of them completely done. Frustrating since I am tired of dealing with work and task lists and am ready instead to shift my attention to Christmas and holidays.

Alas, tomorrow may be the day.

I am going to buy my gifts for my family and I’m excited about that. Not that I’m buying anything that is extravagant, but it’s just the process of going to a store and taking the time to look for just that perfect little gift. I hope to go early to avoid the crowds.

We are congregating at Sarah’s on Friday evening for our whole-family Christmas celebration. Sarah and Gregorio are going to Ensenada in Baja to spend Christmas with his family; so we are celebrating early. That’s just fine. All of the Christmas bustle will be done by Friday night. That has a good ring to it.

So, off I go to bed. I’m tired from all that juggling. The good news is that daughter Rachael is on the mend and our little house in Texas may be rented relatively soon.

And how are you all faring with your holiday preparations? Share in the Comments column, please.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Having a plan helps–and you have a plan. I haven’t done any shopping yet. How does Bah Humbug sound? If it wasn’t for the grandkids, I wouldn’t go the gift route or the decorating. I guess I’m just plain tired but more power to YOU, Len.

    1. I get the “plain tired” comment, Tess. Let me recommend IKEA, where I went today. Lots of small “deals” and they are all in one store. Nice…

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