A Memory of My Brother, George

One early evening in summer, my older brother George and I headed off to the Little League baseball field where he was going to play a game and I was going to watch. He was eleven and I was eight. I was barefooted and wore shorts and a thin top; he had on his baseball uniform and cap.

When we were three blocks from the baseball field, a dog appeared suddenly, mean and snarling. It headed straight for me. I did the absolute wrong thing – I ran as fast as my legs could take me. Of course, the dog was faster and soon was nipping at my feet. I screamed, knowing I had nowhere to hide since we were in the middle of an open field. I sank down to the ground and huddled into a tight ball. The dog barked and snarled, ready to bite me.

Just then, I heard a loud screech. I peeked out between my arms to see George hurling rocks at the dog. A few more well aimed shots sent it running off squealing, its tail between its legs.

“Never run!” George snapped as he came over and pulled me up off the ground. He took my hand and held it tight the rest of the way to the baseball field.

I felt so safe just knowing George was close. I still do fifty years later, though now he’s far away.

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  1. Kathy Geer says:

    Len, what a beautiful and well written story. You grab the reader and before you know it you are drawn into the story, mesmerized and watching the scene you describe, like a fly on the wall so to speak. Before you know it, your heart is racing, watching you run, huddled with you, fearing the dog. Luckily rocks hurled by your brother George hit the dog. A savior, every girls dream…to have a brother that helps her out of situations, holds your hand when you’re feeling nervous or afraid. That brotherly love and protection that all girls want from their brothers but not every girl gets that kind of protection. What a lovely and well written story. I apologize for my comments, Mary will tell yout that I “ramble” and can leave one wondering “what was I talking about!” well done Len. Keep on writing. my best, Kathy

    1. Thanks you so much, Kathy. I appreciate your kind words greatly!

  2. What a lovely memory and told so well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Tess. Yes, I love this memory. So special.

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